Felicity Cole

What year did you graduate from MHS?


Were you in the Band or Orchestra?


What instrument did you play?


What are you doing now?

I’m majoring in music education and performance at DePaul University.

How is music a part of your life?

As I’m a music major, I still spend a lot of my time playing. However, I play in my University’s pep band for fun!

Do you have any memories to share?

The time Mr. Brown was teaching the 5’o clock jazz band how to salsa dance and I almost died from a flip gone wrong. He was teaching the basics of salsa dancing and decided to throw in a few flashy moves such as a two person flip. Of course the only logical thing to do was try it, right? Spark notes version, Bryson Bauer let go mid rotation, somehow Mr. Brown caught one of my feet with one hand, my face was less than a foot from the ground, and now I owe him my life.