Taylor Zietz

What year did you graduate from MHS?


Were you in the Band or Orchestra?


What instrument did you play?

Euphonium & Trombone

What are you doing now?

I'm wondering if the rumors are true that Mr.Vervoort is playing, "Into the Clouds" again for the 5th year in a row. (IT COULD BE MORE!!) Oh, I'm also a current student at Madison Area Technical College and I'm studying criminal justice.

How is music a part of your life?

Almost everyday I listen to new types of music, and genres. I try to get out and see different bands once in a while. Unfortunately I do not own my own instrument (Euphs are $$$!) but I love listening to professional euphonium players. Also I've realized how awesome Sousa marches are!

Do you have any memories to share?

There are so many amazing memories that I had when I was a student at MHS. From being a drum major, conducting some concerts, and being apart of a giant family. One in particular stands out though! I remember when we finished a marching competition we got an award of a basket of apples, and a box with a award inside. The other drum majors (Tim, Bryson, and Peter!) and I were walking to the bus, and Bryson said, "I bet there's an apple pie in that box," or something along those lines. The rest of us chuckled it off, and when we opened the box... Alas! There was an apple, and we went bonkers! What are the chances?!