Dear BOPA Sponsor -


I hope this note finds you and your family safe and healthy during these unprecedented times.  We are all making adjustments and recognizing the need to come together to support each other and the community we serve.  With that, I wanted to thank you again for your past support of the Middleton High School band and orchestra program.  

Your contribution allowed our music program to bring in a dozen amazing guest artists from around the state and country, help almost 300 students perform with accompaniment at the solo and ensemble festival, purchase new string and percussion instruments, and propel our marching band to its most successful competitive season to date.  Your support helps us to bridge gaps and to realize equity and inclusion in our instrumental music program.

We are aware of the hardship this pandemic has had on local businesses and families, and we will not be asking for contributions to our program this year.  However, as a token of appreciation, we would like to include your logo on a reduced concert program to be distributed at whatever performance opportunities will be available for our students this year.

Again, we are humbled by your support.  Your commitment to helping students develop a lifelong appreciation for music and the arts by sponsoring your Middleton High School band and orchestra is much appreciated.  Music and arts are integral parts of society and community development, even more so in these tough times.  Children, regardless of their socio-economic background, need to have the opportunity to participate and engage in music, which can happen thanks to the support of sponsors like you.


All the Best,


Kate Easton

BOPA Program Chair