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NHS 2023 Teacher of Excellence - Elective area award

October 2023

The Middleton High School National Honor Society chose Mr. Brown as the 2023 Teacher of Excellence -Elective Area award winner.

Students were asked to nominate teachers based on these guidelines: 

"Middleton High School has some of the most caring, compassionate, dedicated, and professional teachers you will find anywhere. This is your opportunity to recognize teachers who have made a significant impact on your academic journey and who have made a positive difference in your life. 


Think about the teachers who have challenged you to think critically, pushed you to reach your potential, and encouraged you to persevere through challenges. Consider those who have not only taught you academic skills but have also modeled important character traits like kindness, respect, and integrity. Who are the teachers you will look back on in three, five, or ten years and will be grateful for how much they taught you?


Teachers play a vital role in shaping the future of our society, and this is your opportunity to celebrate those who have gone above and beyond to inspire and motivate their students and who have made a significant impact on your academic journey. So, whether it's their ability to explain complex concepts, their dedication to their students, or their contagious passion for learning, we want to hear about the exceptional teachers at Middleton High School. 


As you consider which teachers to nominate for the NHS Excellence in Teaching award, I encourage you to think beyond popularity or "coolness." While it's understandable to be drawn to teachers who are well-liked by their students, please focus on the teachers who have demonstrated a commitment to advancing strong academics while modeling and encouraging positive character traits."

Kohl Fellowship Nominations - Mr. Ver Voort and Mr. Rothacker 

October 2023

Mr. Michal Ver Voort and Mr. Eric Rothacker have been nominated​ for a Kohl Fellowship! 

The Kohl Fellowship recognizes and supports teaching excellence, dedication, and a​ love of learning!

Mr. Ver Voort and Mr. Rothackers will be considered for a $6,000 personal grant and a $6,000 matching grant for Middleton High School. The Herb Kohl Foundation annually selects 100 teachers for the prestigious fellowship award.

Check out the Video Congratulating Mr. Brown

Yamaha "40 Under 40 Educator" Honoree

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