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5/31/24 - Marching Band Updates

Hello Everyone,

It was so great to see so many of you on day one of the season earlier this week! The band is going to sound incredible this season, and we're excited to work with every one of you. Please see below for some reminders/updates regarding the season!

UW-Whitewater DCI Performance Tickets (Last Call)

We have the amazing opportunity to provide students and families with some FREE tickets to the DCI Whitewater Classic this year on 7/6/24 @ 7 pm (the Location of the State Championships!). If you are interested/available, please fill out this Google form no later than June 1st! We will notify you of the exact ticket location as soon as the organization lets us know. Seats will likely be in the same area as the stands. 

Drums on Parade does not have free tickets available for our group but has the convenience of being at the high school stadium on 6/29/24 @ 7 pm.

Show Shirts & Additional Show Spirit Shirts

If you'd like to purchase additional grayscale show spirit shirts to support your student in the crowd at competitions, to have extra, or just support the program as a whole, please head to THIS LINK for instructions on how to order! Yard signs to support the program are also available. All proceeds go directly back into the marching band program and benefit students! Orders will be given to students in the first week of band camp. Please ensure all orders are in by June 7th at 12 pm so we can ensure we have time for an order of this size to arrive. 

Summer Sectional Dates 

Wind players, we'll be having summer sectionals with caption head staff over the summer to get everyone up to speed on the music as fast as possible. There will be three for woodwinds and brass over the summer. It is an expectation that you attend unless you have a previously planned unavoidable event on that day/time. Attendance will be taken by section leaders/staff.

All sectionals will take place at the high school and the dates and times are as follows:

June 26, 3-5 pm

July 10, 3-5 pm (Woodwinds Only)

July 17, 3-5 pm (Brass Only)

August 7, 3-5 pm




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